Incursion Workshops

Want to experience Japan at school?

AoYama Japanese Camp runs school incursions so that students and teachers can experience our language immersion workshops without leaving their school. Organising a taster is simple- you choose the workshop and we come to you!

On the day, our native or fluent Japanese speaking leaders will arrive at your school to host the workshop/s. We will bring all necessary materials and arrive in time to set up in your school hall, dance/ drama studio, ajoined classroom or activity space.


One workshop lasts 45-60min and is priced at $25*pp / workshop. Booking multiple workshops on the same day is possible and discounts are available. Please contact us for more information.

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Workshop Options

Undokai (Sports Day)

Perfect for Stage 3-5 students with lots of energy!

Give your students the chance to immerse themselves in the vibrant world of Japanese sports day activities! From thrilling Obstacle Course to the camaraderie of Tug'o'War, this workshop is sure to ignite enthusiasm for Japanese language and culture.

Each workshop begins with ラジオたいそう (Radio Calisthenics) and is held inside or outside. Simply choose 4 activity options from our Undokai Options information sheet to get your students up, out of their seats and motivated about their Japanese learning!

Escape Room

Suited to Stage 5-6 students or accelerated juniors

AYJC's customisable Escape Room activity adapts to your students' language levels. Student work in teams to complete the escape before the time is up! Stage-focused problem-solving activities aimed to get students thinking using their Japanese language and cultural knowledge in real life. 

To make it tailor-fit, kindly share the textbook chapters/units you anticipate covering before our visit, and we'll ensure an immersive and educational experience for your class.


Escape Room workshops are usually held in drama rooms, dance studios or double-classroom spaces and require access to 12 exam-size desks.

Race Around Japan

Suited to Stage 5-6 and accelerated juniors

Embark on a scavenger hunt adventure that reinforces prepositions (前、うしろ、中、となり), location-related vocabulary (〜が・にあります), and school-related terms (ばいてん、こうてい、たいいくかん, etc.). We can provide a preparation lesson to review any necessary concepts upon request.

Students learn about Japan's geography and tourist attractions. This exciting geography-inspired game that gets students working together to complete the challenges before time is up. Perfect for students who can read Hiragana script (other scripts are added depending on ability).

Additionally, Race Around Japan can be executed in various ways:

👉 Students visit different locations around the school and gather information from either QR codes or posters at each station.

👉 Students move around a large gym/hall, completing activities using either QR codes or posters.

If you would like to share information about our Taster Workshops with your school, colleagues or students please download our:

Taster Workshop flyer.